Elizabeth Thorley

Thorley Wealth Management

Involved with the Community Foundation since 2009

Hobby: Golf

Favorite Rochester eatery: Phillips European

Favorite Community Foundation event: Annual Luncheon

Favorite Rochester event: Jazz Festival

If I had a million dollars to give: I would apply it to elder care and independent living issues.

How Elizabeth’s work fuels the power of community:

There could perhaps be no finer financial training ground than the U.S. Federal Reserve. Fresh out of college, that’s where Elizabeth began her career as a research assistant at our nation’s central banking system. “This opportunity absorbed me in the macro-economics,” says Elizabeth. “I just realized I enjoyed the micro more — working directly with people.” More than 30 years later, knowledge gleaned from this experience still shapes the guidance she provides today to clients in her financial planning practice.

Despite many years of industry expertise, Elizabeth believes in leveraging her own network of professionals when planning with clients. “The best strategies can sometimes come from using a team approach,” says Elizabeth. Through the Community Foundation, she has added to her already-strong network of fellow professionals and finds that it makes her a stronger practitioner. “We can’t all be the expert on every topic, that’s why collaboration is so important.”

Charitable involvement in Rochester:

Raised in Ohio, Elizabeth came to Rochester early in her career and decided to put down roots. She has found it be an ideal place to raise her family and build a successful career. “I have lived in a lot of cities,” says Elizabeth. “Rochester just has so much. It certainly attracted me to establish myself here.” Giving back to the city she calls home brings her life meaning. Having served on the Community Foundation’s Board of Directors for nearly nine years and currently its chair, she believes in its skillful collaboration with people and organizations to address some of Rochester’s most difficult issues. “The broad reach of the Foundation helps employ many resources as a region to address issues like poverty and education. This demands a team approach.”

Inspirational quote:
“Love what you do; do what you love.” — Wayne Dwyer

Published January 2020

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