Kate McCurdy

How Kate’s work fuels the power of community:

Attorney Kate McCurdy’s earliest memory of philanthropy is helping her dad with an appeal mailing to his college classmates. Education is a core family value for the McCurdy family. That is why when Kate graduated from Allendale Columbia, she started donating right away. She continues to give to her alma maters, including Williams College and University of Virginia, to this day. “It was deeply ingrained in my family’s culture to volunteer and give back to the communities that have allowed us to thrive.”

Kate’s love for her community coupled with her passion for lifelong learning brought her to a career in trust and estates and eventually to opening her own law firm. She loves the “human side” of the law and that drove her to focus her practice on helping individuals and families accomplish their goals. Philanthropy is an integral part of the planning work Kate does with her clients.

She has three questions she asks everyone with whom she meets:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • Is there a legacy you wish to leave?
  • Do you want to make your gifts now or later?

Kate connects her clients to the Community Foundation and other advisors who can visualize the impact of giving and think through factors like tax benefits.

In addition to donating to her alma maters, Kate serves in leadership roles for many local organizations, including Genesee Land Trust, Al Sigl Community of Agencies, the Monroe County Bar Association, and Genesee Valley Club.

Kate stays connected to the Community Foundation by attending professional advisor events and cultivating relationships with staff. “I am hoping to open my own donor-advised fund one of these days, and in the meantime, I participate in the NextGen giving circle.” Kate joined the Foundation’s young professionals’ group in 2018.

When asked to share a piece of advice with her younger self or other advisors, Kate humbly said: “Lead by example – make philanthropy part of your life and show others how easy, fun and rewarding it can be.”

Published August 2023

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