Permanent Funds

The foresight of donors who established permanently endowed funds years and decades ago, as well as those who have opened endowed funds in recent years (bold), make it possible to support changing needs in our eight-county region – now and in the future. We are grateful for the generosity of these donors and want to recognize the name of their funds for all that they make possible.

Fund NameYear Established
A & B Associates2021
Abraham D. Chatman Fund1985
Adelaide and Bob Weinberg Family Fund1990
African American Giving Initiative Fund2011
Alan L. Lewis Fund of Brighton Education Fund2001
Albert Beer Fund1994
Albion Central School District Superintendent’s Discretionary Fund2007
Aldridge Tinker Fund 12020
Aldridge Tinker Fund 22023
Alec and Barbara Sutherland Fund1987
Alexander and Marcia Beach Fund1993
Alfred C. and Audrey F. Lawson Fund2020
Algonquin Campership Fund2000
Allen and Joyce Boucher Advised Fund1980
Allen and Joyce Boucher Designated Fund1980
Altobelli Family Fund2003
Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders Fund1984
Ames-Amzalak Fund1984
Amy Jenkins Cutler Fund1987
Andrea Ciliotta Rubery PhD and Paul T Rubery MD Fund2016
Andrew G. Attinasi Memorial Scholarship Fund2003
Andrew Harper MacDonald Memorial Fund1997
Andrew Richard Primerano Memorial Fund2017
Angelina C. Aravantinos Endowment Fund2008
Angelo and Marie Casciani Family Fund2011
Animal Welfare Fund2016
Ann and Irving Norry Fund1997
Ann and Patrick McCormick Unrestricted Endowment Fund2017
Ann B. Swett Community Impact Fund2016
Ann Connors Adler Fund2018
Ann M. Mayer Fund2022
Anna and Lester Swang and Margaret Swang Scholarship Fund2012
Anna R. Bundschuh Community Impact Fund2020
Anna’s Refugee Fund2018
Anne and Sherman Farnham Fund2001
Anne and Sherman Farnham Scholarship Fund2015
Anne Heneghan Fund for Infant Care1995
Anne McQuay Arts and Cultural Fund I1998
Anne McQuay Arts and Cultural Fund II1998
Arley Mae and Louis Delisio Youth Fund2000
Armenian Scholarship Fund in Memory of Charles J. Churukian2013
Arthur Chatman Memorial Fund1980
Arts and Culture Fund2017
Arts in Education Fund2010
Arts Tomorrow Fund for Garth Fagan Dance1994
Arts Tomorrow Fund for Geva Theatre1994
Arts Tomorrow Fund for Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra1994
B. M. Feinberg Fund1986
Baden Street Settlement’s Project RISE Fund1984
Baird Family Fund2011
Banks Family Charitable Fund2016
Barbara H. and Richard P. Miller Fund1997
Barbara K. Fellows Fund for Open Door Mission1999
Barbara Wheeler Schneider Memorial Fund1981
Barnard-Kuichling-Acorn Society Fund1988
Barry Kaplan Accounting Scholarship Fund2006
Beavers Family Fund for Autistic Respite Care2002
Beilfuss Family Advised Fund1997
Belden Family Fund1986
Ben and Sylvia Atkin Fund1989
Ben Gutenberg Memorial Fund2007
Ben Haymes Campership Fund2000
Bernice Stauber Fund2014
Bernie and Irma Rumbutis Memorial Fund2011
Bernstein, Neivert, Weinberg Family Fund1976
Betty & Greg Calender Education and Health Fund2006
Beulah M. and Mark W. Welch Fund1990
Beverly T. Bowen Fund2019
Bill and Lisa Sykes Family Fund2009
Bonita W. and George F. Wallace Fund1992
Boys & Girls Club of Geneva Endowment2022
Brackett and Ruth Clark Fund1982
Branch-Wilbur Fund1984
Brendan Christopher Ryan Fund for Music and Performing Arts2019
Bright Horizons Fund2011
Brighton Education Cultural Life Endowment Fund2003
Brighton Education Endowment Fund1992
Brighton Memorial Library Gift Fund2002
Brighton Retirees Scholarship Fund2008
Brockport Arts Fund2021
Bruce B. Bates Charitable Fund2008
Bruce B. Bates Forever Fund2015
Bruce B. Davidson Student Loan Fund1991
Brush Family Fund1999
BS Family Fund2023
Bullis Family Scholarship Fund1982
Bullis Fund2000
Bullis Loan Repayment Scholarship2021
Burke Family Humanitarian Fund2017
Burton and Ellen Hendershot Endowment Fund2005
Cady Frey Family Fund2016
Carleton Lindsay Fund2008
Carol and John Bennett Family Advised Fund II2000
Carol and John Bennett Family Designated Fund I2000
Carolyn and Tom Argust Fund2017
Castle Fund for Music Education1994
Catalysts for Change Fund1996
CEI Shirley Sherman Fund1993
CGR Fund for the Public Interest1992
Charles and Mary Torrey Family Fund1989
Chester and Dorris Carlson Charitable Fund2018
Children in the Environment2019
Children’s Fund1978
Childs Family Fund1987
Cholish Engineering Scholarship2013
Chris and Steve Maas Fund2016
Christensen Family Scholarship Fund2016
Christine and Barbara Colucci Fund2021
Christine Mertz Dear Arts Fund2012
Christopher Husson and Ruth Unzicker Fund2023
Chub and Ed Belcher Fund1997
Chuck Tuttle Scholarship Fund2022
City Children’s Cultural Enhancement Fund2011
Civic Development and Problem-Solving Fund2017
Claire Brewster Castle Fund I1986
Claire Brewster Castle Fund II2001
Claire Leonard Designated Scholarship Fund2019
Clara T. Wolfard Fund2010
Clark Family Fund1997
Clark Family Scholarship Fund2006
Claude G. and Geraldine A. Wright Family Fund2007
Claudia Powell Sheridan Charitable Fund2006
Clayton F. Kaul Fund1998
Clement C. Wells Fund2001
Clifford B. Bushnell Scholarship Fund1999
Clinton O. and Mary M. Steadman Fund2012
Colby Family Fund1986
Colin F. Kennedy Fund2007
Colonel William Hubbel Emerson Memorial Fund1977
Community Arts Fund1985
Community Fund for Palmyra Community Center2023
Community Scholarship Fund2018
Community Sponsors1984
Constance Valk Endowment Fund2010
Cracker Box Palace Fund2019
Cricket and Frank Luellen Fund1999
Cunningham Memorial Scholarship Fund2021
Cuvelier Family Scholarship Fund1995
Cynthia H. Little Endowment Fund2007
D’Amato Family Endowment Fund2001
Dale Lawrence Rockwell and Rosalie Viener Rockwell Scholarship Fund2005
Dambrowski/Donahue Community Enrichment Fund2017
Dane Leclair AlphaHeart Fund2021
Daniel A. and Mary Louise Jones Fund2006
Daniel H. and Nancy S. Robbins Family Fund 12016
Daniel H. and Nancy S. Robbins Family Fund 22023
Danzor Fund2018
Darryl Talley Foundation Fund1995
David and Anne Ferris Family Fund2017
David and Carol Laniak Family Fund2021
David and Grace Strong Family Fund2020
David B. Lederer Fund2020
David DeHaven Alpine Ski Scholarship Fund of the Brighton Education Fund1996
David DeHaven Memorial Fellowship Fund of the Brighton Education Fund1996
David Giordano Memorial Fund2021
David H. Utter Memorial Scholarship Fund1997
David Klos Family Memorial Fund2005
David L. Beato Memorial Scholarship Fund2019
David L. DeHaven Twelve Corners Presbyterian Church Organ Fund2005
Dean V. Stanley Fund2013
Deanne Molinari Fund2017
Derek Hill Memorial Scholarship Fund2007
Developmental Disabilities Giving Circle Legacy Fund2023
Discretionary Grant Endowment Fund1977
Do It 4 Ur Kidz Fund2016
Dobe E. and Jacqueline C. Ulmer Scholarship2012
Dolores and Philip Neivert Ages and Stages Fund1997
Dolores and Philip Neivert Fund2021
Dolores S. and Richard S. Stover Fund2012
Dominic and Sharon Viscardi Endowment Fund1999
Don and Margot Hughes KajjecK Scholarship Fund2002
Donald and Elizabeth Cohn Fund1986
Donald and Elizabeth Fisher Advised Fund1993
Donald and Janet Barnard Fund2012
Donald L. Wood Fund1999
Donald M. Barnard Fund1991
Donald S. Hall Fund2019
Dorothy Kitzing and Elizabeth Kitzing Fund2010
Dorothy M. Young Endowment Fund1992
Downtown Program Trust Fund1981
Dr. Abraham R. Bullis Medical Scholarship Fund1981
Dr. Burton Spiller Health Fund2021
Dr. Burton Spiller Opera Enrichment Fund2021
Dr. Marlene Caroselli Excellence-in-Communication Scholarship2020
Dr. Marvin J. Hoffman Fund1977
Dr. Norman and Laura “Jinny” Loomis Family Outdoor Fund2023
Dr. Norman and Laura “Jinny” Loomis Fund2016
Drs. Dorothy Johnson and Leo E. Beavers Fund2015
Drs. Krishan and Jaimala Thanik Fund2018
Drs. Yang Zhao and Gary Smith Fund2018
Duncan and Jane Frame Endowment Fund2015
Dundee Dollars for Scholars Clarence & Mary Decenburg Fund2013
Dundee Dollars for Scholars Phillip Kendall Fund2013
Dundee Dollars for Scholars Ruth and Ken Taylor Fund2013
Dunn Martin Fund2008
E. R. Parker Scholarship Fund1993
Early Childhood Education Fund1987
Ebsary Charitable Fund1986
Economic Mobility Fund2017
Edith and Oran Miller Fund1997
Edna Holland Fund1996
Edna Jeanne Brush Fund1992
Education Fund2017
Edward R. Lane Fund2021
Edwin R. Glossner Fund2002
Eleanor Eisenhart Morris Fund2008
Eli and Mildred Sokol Awards Fund1985
Elizabeth and Eric Rennert Family Fund for Jewish Family Services2013
Elizabeth and Eric Rennert Family Fund for Women and Girls2016
Elizabeth and Eric Rennert Family Geva Fund2013
Elizabeth and Eric Rennert Family MCC Scholarship Fund2013
Elizabeth Farnham Fund for Refugee Populations2021
Elizabeth Gibson Holahan Children’s Fund2002
Elizabeth Gibson Holahan Fund for Historic Preservation I2002
Elizabeth Hunter Simmons Memorial Endowment Fund2023
Elizabeth Rennert Community Impact Fund2023
Elizabeth Schmidt Scholarship Fund2018
Elizabeth Van Horn Community Impact Fund2019
Elmer D. Gray Fund2019
Elmer Schwittek Free Enterprise Fund1978
Elvira Caroselli Creative Spirit Scholarship Fund2003
Emerson U. and Vernita Fullwood Scholarship Fund2017
Enslein Advised Fund1981
Enslein Designated Fund2020
Environment and Natural Resources Fund1998
Erin Marie Masling Scholarship Fund2005
Erma House Fund2001
Ernestine W. Murray Community Impact Fund2019
Esther Usdane Memorial Fund1979
Ethan and Janet Welch Fund1992
Everest Institute Student Alumni Fund1991
Family Promise of Wayne County Endowment Fund2023
Family Service of Rochester Endowment Fund2010
Farash Fund for Manufacturing Education2009
Father Atwell Memorial Fund1980
Feed the Mind and Body Fund2019
Finks-Bulkeley Memorial Fund2010
Fleming/Murray Family Fund2015
Flower City Arts Center Fund2010
Forsyth Family Fund1982
Founders Fund1980
Fox-Knoeferl Family Fund2012
France Scholarship Fund for Rochester Junior Academy1999
Francis H. and Olive C. Kehoe Memorial Fund2005
Frank and Janet Fisher Fund1999
Frank and Norma Riedman Community Impact Fund1992
Frank Commisso Scholarship Fund1997
Frazer Family Fund1998
Fred and Mary Schwertz Fund1996
Fred C. Beyer Memorial Scholarship Fund2023
Fred Murray Memorial Scholarship2000
Frederick C. and Helen W. Watson Memorial Scholarship Fund1991
Freeman Family Fund2002
Friends Endowment for the Macedon Public Library Fund A2005
Friends of SOTA-Performing Arts Scholarship Fund2012
Friends of SOTA/Chuck Mangione-“Dizzy” Gillespie Fund1994
Friends of SOTA/Principal’s Discretionary Fund1994
Friends of SOTA/Sara Fraser Rial Fund1995
Fund for Self Esteem1990
Fund for the Aging in Memory of Don and Evelyn Kimball1987
Fund for the Fine and Performing Arts1978
G. Stanley and Teresa Ann Allen Fund2006
Gary & Karen Muisus Family Fund2013
Gaudion Family Fund1995
General Endowment Fund1989
Genesee County Community Endowment2017
Genesee Land Trust Endowment Fund2014
Geoffrey and Peter Waasdorp Palliative Care Fund2018
George and Elizabeth Peters Fund 12014
George and Elizabeth Peters Fund 22014
George and Helen Greer Advised Fund1989
George and Mary Ellen Giroux Scholarship Fund2018
George and Vee Angle Community Impact Fund2019
George J. and Maude A. Peterson Memorial Fund2004
George J. and Maude A. Peterson Memorial Scholarship Fund2005
Georgianna M. Lovejoy Family Fund1994
Gerald and Norma Vanderstyne Fund2018
Gerald C. Pfrengle Fund2006
Gertrude Chanler RPO Fund2003
Gertrude Ford Fund1995
Gertrude M. and Donald E. Armstrong Scholarship Fund1987
Gertrude Wynar Fund for Jewish Education2011
GFLNLA/Ted Burnett Memorial Scholarship Fund1998
Gian Xavier Ortiz Memorial Fund2022
Gianniny Family Fund I1981
Gil and Ina Marshall Family Fund1993
Giles Family Fund1986
Ginkel Family Designated Fund1981
Glen E. Miller Endowment Fund2000
Glen H. & Juliette C. Ray and Raymond & Blanche C. Gray Scholarship Fund1988
Glenn and Henrietta Hammond Endowment Fund2002
Gloria Westphal Haynie Fund2003
Godfrey J. Jacobsen Memorial Scholarship2023
Golisano Teen Pregnancy Prevention Fund2017
Gonsenhauser Family Fund1987
Goodwin Fund1981
Gouvernet Arts Fund1991
Gouvernet Legacy Fund2017
Grace Murray Trebert Memorial Fund2008
Gradinger Family Fund1999
Greater Rochester AAUW/Women Helping Girls Program2017
Greater Rochester Spelling Bee Fund2011
Greater Rochester Women’s Fund1986
Greece Community Scholarship Fund2000
Gregory Allen Burkett Memorial Scholarship Fund2020
Griffith McLouth Foundation Fund2007
H Fund2013
Hallowell Community Impact Fund2013
Handy Charitable Fund2022
Hanna S. Cohn Memorial Fund2003
Harmon V. Strong Discretionary Fund2010
Harry B. Frost and Esther B. Frost Memorial Scholarship Fund2003
Harry W. and Irene L. Staley Scholarship Fund1999
Harvey E. Anderson Fund1987
Hasman Family Fund2013
Hayden Family Fund2005
Healthy Food Rochester Fund2021
Heidi Hoenig Memorial Fund1984
Helen C. O’Leary and Elizabeth J. O’Leary Fund2015
Helen Gladys Ritter Mohr Fund1998
Helen M. Fiske Memorial Fund2013
Henderson Family Legacy Fund2010
Henri and Bessie Projansky Fund1986
Henrietta Hammond Fund for Hope Hall1999
Henry E. and Emily L. Gillette Fund1999
Henry E. Gillette Fund1991
Henry H. Kingston Fund1982
Herbert and Barbara Chamberlain Family Fund1997
Herbert and Celia Mittleman Endowment Fund2001
Herbert and Elaine Brauer Fund1985
Hickman Fund for Education Success2023
Hillside Children’s Foundation General Endowment Fund2021
Hispanic Scholarship Endowment Fund1990
Historic Palmyra, Inc. Fund1987
Historic Preservation, Restoration and Literature Fund2009
Historical Preservation Fund2017
Holly Marshall Memorial Fund1994
Honeoye Falls-Lima Education Fund2011
Housing Education Fund1988
Howard and Marjorie DeNise Fund1998
Hubertus and Helmi Behrla Endowment Fund1999
Hugh Knapp Fund for Early Childhood Education1995
Humane Society of Greater Rochester Fund for Lollypop Farm2023
Ingraham-Shotwell Fund2016
J. Edward Lawson and Blanche Ollie Lawson Endowment Fund2007
J. Stuart and Phyllis I. MacDonald Fund2008
Jack D. Koval Memorial Scholarship Fund2016
Jacqueline and Richard Archer Fund2006
Jacqueline and Richard Archer Fund for The Little Theatre2021
Jacqueline and Richard Archer Women’s Scholarship Fund2006
Jacqueline Hall Minet Memorial Scholarship Fund2007
James and Mary Palmer Fund for Children and Youth2019
James and Paula Briggs Advised Fund1989
James F. Maloney Scholarship Fund2003
James Francis Harris Memorial Fund1987
James G. and Gerald E. Lill Fund2007
James H. L. Gallagher Scholarship Fund1989
James J. Monley Memorial Fund1987
James M. and Olive Edmunds Memorial Fund2005
James P. Growney Fund2023
James R. Moran Endowment for Rochester Gay Men’s Chorus2017
James R. Moran Fund2016
James R. Spencer, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund2011
James S. and Ruth A. Moser Fund2021
James S. Ely, Jr. Fund to Benefit Family Resource Centers2005
Janis T. Tomei Endowment Fund2014
Jayden Shepler Fund2023
Jazz Street Fund2012
Jean Edgcumbe Groff Memorial Fund2014
Jean Henderson Ginkel Designated Fund2016
Jeanette Marie Daigler, Laird McKean, and Alan Thomas Karcich Scholarship Fund2014
Jeffrey M. Newland Memorial Fund2020
Jeffrie and Robert Leahy Fund1996
Jennifer Grimes Lindley Scholarship Fund2005
Jennifer Leonard and David Cay Johnston Fund2015
Jennifer Leonard Fund for a Vibrant Future2022
Jim and Karen Boucher Fund1995
Jim and Rose Hawley Fund2017
Jim and Sue Genthner Endowment Fund2015
Joan and Harold Feinbloom Fund2022
Joe U. Posner Children’s Sports and Recreation Fund1983
Joe U. Posner Quad A for Kids Endowment Fund1995
Joel Ayite Ajavon Memorial Scholarship Fund2013
Joel Kunkler Memorial Fund2024
John and Annabel Muenter Fund I2013
John and Annabel Muenter Fund II2013
John and AnneMarie Groth-Juncker Community Impact Fund2015
John and Carol Condemi Fund2022
John and Eleanor Norris Fund2007
John and Erika Berggren Fund1996
John and Jane Pyles Fund2011
John and Verna Couper Fund for Rochester Guild for Special Children1996
John B. Rumsey2023
John F. Mahon Charitable Fund1986
John F. Wegman Fund1989
John H. Berman Memorial Fund1986
John J. and Edna M. Holahan Fund1991
John J. Morton, M.D. and John H. Morton, M.D. Medical Scholarship2005
John W. Randall Advised Fund1998
Jonathan D. Foster Designated Fund2013
Joseph and Helen Brown Fund2012
Joseph and Lorraine Finley Scholarship Fund1990
Joseph and Margaret Harris Endowment Fund2011
Joseph Delibert Memorial Scholarship Fund1999
Joseph E. Brown Environmental Education Fund2006
Joseph E. Brown Fund1997
Joseph G. and Pat Murray Kelly Fund for Theological Education2017
Joseph M. Yacono Memorial Award Fund1999
Joseph S. Parungao Memorial Scholarship Fund1999
Josephine Buckley Fund1997
JP and Mell Gleason Charitable Endowment Fund2018
Judd’s Children’s Fund2018
Judith Lasker Kaufman Fund2001
Judy and Erik von Bucher Advised Fund1989
Judy Lynd Fund for Disability Access2021
June and Warren Glaser Fund2019
Junior League of Rochester Endowment for Children & Youth1982
Justin Chlebus Memorial Scholarship Fund2014
Justine M. Lynes Children’s Fund2003
Karen A. Tipple Urban Youth Fund2009
Kate and Sol Karch Fund2020
Katherine K. and Scott D. Frame Endowment Fund2015
Kathleen Brenneman Fund2001
Kathleen McElligott Hall Memorial Fund1999
Katie Harper Memorial Scholarship Fund1994
Katie Harper Youth Hope Fund1997
Kendra Nelson Memorial Foundation Fund2013
Kenneth and Lucille Williams Fund1996
Kenneth E. Gell Fund1991
Killick Fowler Endowment Fund2015
Kimberly Ann Smith Memorial Fund2007
Kirkhaven Endowment Fund2000
Kiwanis International Foundation Fund2010
Kluge Endowment Fund1996
Korol Family Fund2018
Kotlarz Fund for Families2012
L. Ruth Kohler Fund2002
Laura and Raymond Humphrey Fund2017
Laurel Gibbs Memorial Fund2022
Laurence J. Kirwan Fund2002
Lawrence C. Harris Fund1996
Lawrence R. Klepper Advised Fund1980
Leo R. and Charlotte K. Landhuis Fund for RRH Foundation – Youth Apprenticeship Program2015
Lester Harrison Family Fund1999
Levey Family Fund2006
LGBT+ Fund for Greater Rochester2011
LGBTQ Susan A Cowell Scholarship Fund2015
Lillian Vollmer Fund for St. Margaret Mary Church2001
Lilly von Bucher Fund2022
Linda S. Weinstein Discretionary Fund1993
Literacy Volunteers of Rochester – Bahler Fund2015
Litt Family Fund2007
Littwitz Family Advised Fund1992
Livingston County Community Endowment2017
Lloyd E. Klos Historical Fund2000
Locust Hill Caddie Scholarship Fund2000
Loma Moyer Allen Arts for Youth Fund2010
Loma Moyer Allen Designated Fund2010
Lorma E. Gardner Endowment Fund I2014
Lorma E. Gardner Endowment Fund II2014
Lorraine Halsch Memorial Scholarship Fund2009
Louis & Betty Iacona Open Door Mission Fund2014
Louis and Mildred Goldstein Fund2004
Louis P. and Betty A. Iacona Foodlink Fund2020
Louis P. and Betty A. Iacona Fund1990
Louis P. and Betty A. Iacona Nursing Fund2011
Louis P. and Betty A. Iacona Youth Camp Fund2022
Louis P. and Betty A. Iacona Youth Success Fund2014
Louise E. Allison Fund2006
Louise H. Van Heyst Memorial Fund1993
Louise Hoyt Klinke Endowment Fund1999
Love, Lorenzo Fund2020
Lowenthal Family Fund2016
Lucile B. Kesel Fund1995
Lyke-Vittum Starfish Fund2003
Lynny Manus Memorial Fund2018
Lyons Public Library Endowment Fund2006
Lyons Special Events1981
Mabel Messinger Fund1984
Macedon Public Library Fund2020
Madge M. and Ward H. Preston Fund1989
Marc and Roberta Johnson Family Fund2011
Margaret and Herbert Paaschen Fund2001
Margaret and Stephen Schwartz Endowment Fund2011
Margaret and Vito D’Ambruso Fund1999
Margaret E. Roth Memorial Fund1993
Margaret F. and Raymond A. Lander Fund 11981
Margaret F. and Raymond A. Lander Fund 22023
Margaret Griffith Olsson Award for Palmyra-Macedon Central School District2018
Margaret J. Webster Fund2001
Marietta H. Dryer Fund1993
Marilyn J. Aten Memorial Fund2014
Marion and Ernest Whitbeck Fund1993
Marion and Harry Fulbright Fund2021
Marion D. and Jane E. Piper Fund2009
Marion F. Hersey Scholarship Fund1999
Marion Gleason Medical Education and Accident Research Fund1990
Marion Weston Neun Fund2006
Marjorie McDowell Fund2006
Mark and Barbara Hargrave Hard of Hearing Clarity Fund1995
Mark L. Sasso Scholarship Fund2000
Martha and Marguerite Eakin Children’s Fund2016
Martin & Suzanne Suter Fund for Boy Scouts2016
Martin & Suzanne Suter Fund for Rochester Rotary Sunshine Camp2016
Martin L. and Suzanne S. Suter Legacy Fund2020
Martin Zemel and Laura Fulton Scholarship Fund2021
Marvin and Nancy Hoffman Forever Fund2021
Mary Elizabeth Conlon Fund2004
Mary Kay Hayes Charitable Fund2020
Mary Parkes Asthma Center Endowment2006
Mary W. Clark Fund1998
Mary Z. and Lloyd C. Patchin Fund2000
Mary’s Legacy Fund for Cracker Box Palace2022
Master Gardener Education Fund2019
Matthew and Ruth Fairbank Family Fund2006
Max Kamin-Cross Positive Social Action Fund2022
Max Landow Memorial Fund1988
Maxine Tillotson Memorial Fund1984
Maxion Family Charitable Fund1999
McCoy Family Fund2012
McKelvey Family Fund1986
McMath Family Fund2022
Melba Gray Hicks Smith Fund2016
Melissa Matson Community Fund2017
Memorial & Honorarium Fund1989
Mental Health Support, Education and Advocacy Fund2010
Michael and Kathleen Kirwan Fund2000
Michael J. Valentine Charitable Fund2020
Michael Tobin Memorial Fund2000
Mike Buckley Fund2018
Mildred and Walter Fotch Fund1986
Mildred Feinbloom Endowment Fund1992
Miles and Lizzie Houck Fund2004
Minority Science Scholarship Fund1994
Mission-Related Investing Fund2018
Mitchell Family Community Leadership Fund2010
Monast Healthy Pet Fund2018
Mount Hope Cemetery – Hurlbut Fund2013
Muench Family Fund2021
Muriel H. Marshall Fund for the Aging1998
Myrna C. Clark Scholarship Fund1997
Nancy and Bob Witmer Endowment Fund1999
Nancy and Joseph Briggs Advised Fund1989
Nancy and Norman Wetterau Fund2002
Nancy Barie-Turner Fund1999
Nancy G. Williams Fund2011
Nancy M. Huppert Fund2020
Natale Scholarship Fund2009
Natalie K. Meyer Memorial Fund1981
Nathalie J. Fuller Fund2017
Nathan Robfogel Discretionary Fund2022
Nautilus Scholarship Fund2019
NCBI Rochester Fund to Fight Oppression and Racism2023
Nearby Nature Fund1997
Nelson and Nancy Leenhouts Charitable Fund2015
Nettie Bullis and Abram Bullis Scholarship Fund2017
NextGen Rochester Endowment Fund2017
Nonprofit Advisory Services Endowment Fund1987
Norman and Arlene Leenhouts Fund1985
Nunda Historical Society Endowment Fund2012
NY District Kiwanis Foundation Fund2010
Oaks Family Scholarship2015
Oblak/Farrell Student Scholarship Fund2013
Olga Berg Memorial Fund1987
Ontario County Community Endowment2017
Operating Endowment Fund1982
Orleans County Community Endowment2017
Osborne Family Fund2021
Owen Thomas Legacy Fund2018
P. D. Oviatt Fund2000
Pace Scholarship Fund1984
Pal-Mac Lions Club Designated Fund2023
Palmyra King’s Daughters – Congdon Fund2016
Palmyra-Macedon Food Pantry Fund2023
Palmyra-Macedon Rotary Foundation Fund2023
Pat and Tom Mitchell Fund2022
Pat Collins/Judy Lawrence LGBT Scholarship Fund2016
Patricia and E. Garrett Cleary Memorial Fund1999
Patricia Baynes Librarian Discretionary Fund2023
Patricia I. Robinson Fund2006
Patrick Caroselli Scholarship Award2020
Patrick J. Kelly II Memorial Fund2004
Paul and Louise Miller Fund1979
Payson and Wiley Fund2001
Pete and Sally Merrill Advised Fund1997
Peter A. Ciaccia Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund2004
Peter B. Taub Memorial Scholarship Fund1993
Peter Scot Mueller Memorial/Spencerport Rotary Fund1985
Peter von Bucher Fund2021
Phil and Jane Gilman Fund2014
Philip and Dolores Neivert “Fun Fund”1993
Philip and Marilyn Wehrheim Fund1986
Playground Fund1981
Plumb-Miller Fund1995
Pulsifer Family Fund1989
Purple Light Project2021
R. Scott and Christina Burdett Family Fund2019
RACF Board Designated Endowment Fund1984
Rachel Susan Beimler Campership Fund1997
Racial Equity and Social Justice Fund2017
RAF Board Designated Endowment Fund2004
Rainbow Fund1986
Raines Family Fund1983
Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Legacy Fund for Smart Strategy2015
Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Legacy Fund for Youth Sports2016
Ralph G. Cator Fund2019
Randy Freeland Memorial Scholarship Fund1997
Randy Imburgia Memorial Fund1990
Ray Hutch Family Advised Fund1986
Ray Hutch Family Designated Fund1986
Raymond A. Santirocco Memorial Piano Fund2007
Raymond H. Ruby Family Fund1986
Raymond P. Eckert Fund I2004
Raymond P. Eckert Fund II2004
Reaching Out & Building Up Fund2021
Reifsteck Family Fund2020
Reineman Family Fund1986
Reinhardt-Hagood Fund1996
Richard and Vicki Schwartz Family Community Impact Fund1990
Richard C. & Mary Anne Palermo Community Impact Fund2017
Richard C. & Mary Anne Palermo Fund for Livingston County2017
Richard L. Perlman Tennis Fund1987
Richard Pine Memorial Fund1988
Richard S. Stover Designated Scholarship Fund1999
Richards Fund2016
Robert A. Mertz Fund1993
Robert and Ann Van Niel Fund2015
Robert C. and Jane K. Stevens Legacy Fund2005
Robert C. and Janice E. Silver Fund1996
Robert C. and Mary K. Horton Fund1991
Robert E. and Jeanne M. Sandholzer Endowment Fund2021
Robert E. Powell Fund2003
Robert F. Flickinger Memorial Fund of the Yates Community Endowment2012
Robert F. Sykes Fund2012
Robert J. and Marcia Wishengrad Metzger Designated Fund2004
Robert M. Paddock Scholarship Fund2007
Robertson Family Fund1997
Rochester Cavalry Troops Designated-Scholarship Endowment Fund2001
Rochester Friendly Home Fund2013
Rochester Gay Men’s Chorus Endowment Fund2021
Rochester Guild for Special Children Centennial Fund2020
Rochester LGBTQ Scholarship Fund2021
Rochester Philharmonic League Endowment Fund2006
Rochester Rotary Charitable Trusts Fund1999
Rochester Step-Off Education Fund1999
Rochester Telecommunications Scholarship Fund2004
Rochester Tooling and Machining Institute Scholarship Fund1993
Rochester’s Child Endowment Fund1988
Rodney B. Janes Scholarship Fund1999
Rodney Hatch Family Fund2012
Rogerson Fund for Handicapped Children1990
Ron Pettengill Labor Education Fund1998
Rosenberg Family Fund2021
Rosenfeld Professorship Fund2013
Roy E. VanDelinder, Jr. Fund2011
Rubery Advised Fund2000
Rudolph and Grace Schneider Memorial Fund2018
Rufus K. Dryer II Charitable Endowment Fund1979
Rufus K. Dryer II Fund for Friendly Senior Living1979
Rufus K. Dryer II Fund for Sisters of Mercy1979
Ruth and Manville Harris Fund1988
Ruth Ericksen Andrews Fund2009
Ruth Proctor Fund2009
Sally Gordon Memorial Scholarship Fund2001
Sam Merrill Memorial Fund1993
Sam Urzetta Scholarship Fund2012
Samloff Family Fund2005
Samuel Greenberg Community Impact Fund2014
Sarah and Sanford Liebschutz Fund1998
Sarah Bogue Clapper Memorial Fund2014
Sarkis Family Fund2017
Savin Engineers, P.C. Scholarship Fund2022
Sayre Family Incentive Fund1986
Schaefer-Haag LGBTQ Advocacy Fund2016
Schieven Family Endowment Fund2004
School of the Holy Childhood Fund2007
Scott A. Forsyth Family Fund2023
Seneca County Community Endowment2017
Seymour and Joan Fogel Advised Fund1989
Sharon and Philip Burke Donor Advised Fund2021
Sharon Marie All Memorial Scholarship Fund2013
Shashi Gholkar Memorial Scholarship Fund2020
Sheila Konar Fund for Alzheimer’s Services2016
Sheldon Scholarship Fund2015
Sherman F. Levey Community Impact Fund2018
Shirley A. King Pay It Forward Fund2022
Sidney and Carol Aroesty Family Scholarship Fund2014
Sorrentino Family Fund2010
SouthWest Area Neighborhood Association, Inc. Endowment Fund2017
Spindler Family Fund2020
Spring Hill Fund1995
St. Julian and Adrienne Simpkins Fund2010
St. Julian and Adrienne Simpkins Scholarship Fund1998
St. Margaret Mary Church Fund2016
Stability and Lifeline Fund2024
Stephen Craxton Family Fund2020
Successful Aging, Health, and Well-Being Fund2017
Susan R. van der Stricht Fund for the Environment2017
Sylvia Mooney Memorial Fund2008
T. Spencer and Mabel A. Knight Fund for WXXI2003
T.J. Sullivan Memorial Fund1987
Taranto-Dunne Family Fund1986
Tavia Harpending Memorial Fund2019
Ted and Claire Curtis Fund2023
Ted and Joanne VanZandt Fund2018
Ted and Peggy Boucher Family Fund1994
Terry K. Schwartz Fund2006
Thaddeus S. Newell III Fund2014
The Agnes McLouth Griffith Award for Palmyra-Macedon Central School District2017
The Albert J. and Mary Ellen Tortoretti Fund2024
The Carolyn Griffith Hall Award for Palmyra-Macedon Central School District2021
The DDGC Endowment Fund2018
The Dr. Agnes E. Griffith Award for Palmyra-Macedon Central School District2021
The Edgcomb Family Charitable Fund2003
The Elizabeth and Pierce Webb Education Fund2014
The Feltner Group2024
The Garrett Family Fund1983
The George M. and Marie-Merrill Ewing RPO Fund2014
The Gilbert G. McCurdy Scholarship Fund1997
The Hallowell Fund2002
The Henry and Lorraine Brierly Memorial Scholarship2015
The Henry Watson Griffith Award for Palmyra-Macedon Central School District2017
The Herman and Marlene Duerr Fund2016
The James Vernard Leenhouts Memorial Scholarship Fund2022
The Kidera Fund for Civic Development and the Arts2019
The Marilyn A. Menegus Fund2018
The Mary Griffith Meyer Award for Palmyra-Macedon Central School District2017
The McMullen Family Fund2013
The Richard J. McCollough Educational Fund2017
The Robert and Jean Taylor Fund2002
The Sarah Collins Fund2016
The Smith² Fund for Rochester’s Children2006
The Snowball’s Chance Fund2016
The Tara Fund2018
The Van Haneghan Fund for Palmyra, New York2020
The Venture Go Fund2005
The Winters Group Fund to Promote Diversity & Inclusion1996
Thelma March Fund1992
Thelma Rawcliffe Fund2002
Thomas A. Horey Memorial Fund1982
Thomas and Beverley B. Tulloch Fund2018
Thomas and Mildred Tulloch Fund2007
Thomas E. Goldman Memorial Fund1990
Thomas F. and Jeanne B. McHugh Fund2023
Thomas G. Welch Memorial Scholarship2015
Thomas M. Nichols Fund1986
Thomas P. Ryan Jr. Youth in Action Fund1994
Thorley Memorial Fund2011
Threshold Fund1982
Timothy and Marie Forget Family Fund1989
Tin Mountain Fund1996
Tina Cerino Memorial Scholarship Fund1999
Toby Jones Fund2023
Tom and Barbara Clark Forever Fund2021
Tom and Pat Woodlock Fund1996
Tomaino Family Scholarship Fund2010
Tony H. and Gill R. Dechario Fund2019
Tony Mordaci Beautiful Fund1995
Tops Friendly Markets Music Scholarship Fund1993
Trident Fund1995
TWA Molly Efron Scholarship Fund2013
Tyler and Brianna Ricks Fund2013
Urban League of Rochester’s Black Scholars Fund I1987
Urban League of Rochester’s Black Scholars Fund II1987
Urban Suburban Program Fund2015
VanBuren N. Hansford Fund1996
Velma Isam White Fund2008
Vera O. White Fund2002
Victor and Janet Salitan BOCES 2 Fund1979
Victor and Janet Salitan Jewish Community Fund1979
Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund1996
Vincent and Marjorie Olney Fund2018
Virginia D. Gordon Fund1997
Virginia V. Howard Fund2018
VJ Stanley Sr. Fund2014
W. Todd Harper Fund of Brighton Education Fund2000
W.R. and Dorothy Brogan Fund2007
Walter A. and Shirley B. Fallon Fund2007
Warner Family Fund2023
Warren and Eunice Joslyn Fund2001
Warren H. and Maria R. Olmsted Fund1989
Wayne County Community Endowment Fund1984
Wayne County Community Schools Fund2020
Wayne County GTF Corporate Fund1987
Wayne County Health and Quality Life Fund1984
Wayne County Youth and Seniors Fund1983
WC Baird Capital Fund2010
Weigl Family Arts Fund1986
Western New York and Finger Lakes Land Bank Fund2018
William and Anne Erdle Family Fund2000
William and Donna Torpey Fund2002
William and Irene Rolfe Scholarship Fund1989
William and Kathryn Woodard Charitable Fund2015
William and Mary Priest Fund2017
William and Mildred Feinbloom New Beginnings Fund for Wilson Commencement Park2003
William C. and Elizabeth W. Powell Family Fund2016
William C. and Elizabeth W. Powell Family Literacy Fund2018
William E. McKnight Fund1986
William Edward Browne and Dorothy Denton Browne Fund I2006
William Edward Browne and Dorothy Denton Browne Fund II2006
William H. Hartman, Ella C. Hartman and Herbert G Hartman Fund2013
William Harvey Simmons Endowment Fund2019
William Jackson Hawley Scholarship Fund2002
William P. and Abigail Roberts Van Wagenen Fund I2000
William P. and Abigail Roberts Van Wagenen Fund II2000
William R. and Elizabeth N. Sheldon Fund2015
William S. Allen Fund2007
William W. Dieck Fund of Brighton Education Fund1999
Willie Taaffe Memorial Fund of the Yates Community Endowment2013
Willis and Marjorie Van Demark Fund2012
Willow Domestic Violence Fund1987
Wilson and Frances Stewart Fund2015
Winona E. Moore Fund1995
Wolcott J. and Patricia K. Humphrey Fund2018
Woman’s Education and Industrial Union1990
Women’s Week Fund1984
WSW Basic Needs Fund2015
WXXI Public Broadcasting Council Fund2018
Wynne-Strauss Fund for Racial and Social Justice2018
Yates County Community Endowment Fund2011
Youth and Families Fund2017