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The Community Foundation staff is composed of individuals who combine professional expertise with a love of living and working in the Rochester area. Use the links just below to jump to a specific team section.

    Office of the President

  • Photo of Jennifer Leonard

    Jennifer Leonard
    President & CEO

    Email Jennifer or call 585.271.4277 to initiate contact with the Community Foundation.

    Jennifer has led the Community Foundation since 1993; since then, the Foundation has grown more than seventeenfold. Before moving to Rochester, Jennifer served as a national writer and consultant in philanthropy and as vice president of the California Community Foundation in Los Angeles.

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  • Photo of Simeon Banister

    Simeon Banister
    Executive Vice President

    Email Simeon or call 585.341.4369 with questions about the Foundation’s community leadership activities and grant opportunities.


  • Photo of Mary Holleran

    Mary Holleran
    Senior Vice President, Communications

    Email Mary or call 585.341.4351 for media inquiries or questions about any of our publications.

  • Photo of Julie Johnson

    Julie Johnson
    Senior Communications Officer

    Email Julie or call 585.341.4353 for any questions or suggestions regarding our website.

  • Photo of Donna Ritchie

    Donna Ritchie
    Event Administrator

    Email Donna or call 585.341.4364 with questions about Community Foundation events.

  • Photo of Rachel Rochelle Wyche

    Rachel Rochelle Wyche
    Communications Administrator and Graphic Designer

    Email Rachel or call 585.341.4346 to request a logo.

    Community Programs

  • Photo of Lori Banning

    Lori Banning
    Scholarship and Grants Associate

    Email Lori or call 585.341.4357 with questions about scholarships.

  • Photo of Sara Bukowiec

    Sara Bukowiec
    Program Associate

    Email Sara or call 585.341.4371 with questions related to grant opportunities through giving circles, advisory committees, and supporting foundations.

  • Photo of Patricia Campbell

    Patricia Campbell
    Senior Director, Community Programs

    Email Patricia or call 585.341.4355 with questions about grant opportunities in the areas of successful aging, health, and basic needs.

  • Photo of Maya Crane

    Maya Crane
    Program Officer, Equity

    Email Maya or call 585.341.4368 with questions about grant opportunities in education, race and ethnicity, and poverty.

  • Photo of Annette Jiménez Gleason

    Annette Jiménez Gleason
    Program Officer, Vitality

    Email Annette or call 585.341.4372 with questions about grant opportunities in arts and culture, historical preservation, and successful aging.

  • Photo of Karen Schwartzman

    Karen Schwartzman
    Community Programs Operations Manager

    Email Karen or call 585.341.4348 with general questions about the competitive grantmaking process or to be connected to a topic expert on staff.

    Finance, HR and Administration

  • Photo of Amy Vars

    Amy Vars
    Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

    Email Amy or call 585.341.4380 with questions regarding fund balances or investments.

  • Photo of Susan Clements

    Susan Clements
    Senior Accounting Associate

    Email Susan or call 585.341.4354 with audit confirmation requests.

  • Photo of Marlene Cole

    Marlene Cole
    Receptionist and Senior Administrative Assistant

    Email Marlene or call 585.341.4333 to put you in touch with the appropriate staff member who can best answer your questions and for general information about the Community Foundation.

  • Photo of Kelly Fose

    Kelly Fose
    Finance Manager

    Email Kelly or call 585.341.4391 with questions about your quarterly fund statement.

  • Photo of Christopher L. Frontale, CPA

    Christopher L. Frontale, CPA
    Senior Finance Manager

    Email Christopher or call 585.341.4356 with questions about investments.

  • Photo of Jeffrey Hand

    Jeffrey Hand
    Systems Administration Officer

    Email Jeffrey or call 585.341.4341 if you encounter problems with the Foundation’s email or phone system.

  • Photo of Karen Koons

    Karen Koons
    Senior Director, Finance

    Email Karen or call 585.341.4342 with questions about the audited financial statements or 990s.

  • Photo of Patricia Peters

    Patricia Peters
    Gift Associate

    Email Patricia or call 585.341.4370 with questions about gifts to the Foundation or if you have a problem with an online donation.

  • Photo of Teresa Stewart

    Teresa Stewart
    Financial Services and HR Associate

    Email Teresa or call 585.341.4340 with questions about accounts payable.

  • Photo of Ronisha Williams

    Ronisha Williams
    Office and Building Assistant

    Email Ronisha or call 585.341.4347 with questions about our property at 500 East Avenue.

At various times, Rochester Area Community Foundation offers career opportunities in the areas of administration, communications, fundraising, finance, grantmaking, and philanthropic engagement. The Community Foundation also is engaged in a variety of partnerships that occasionally create new positions.

Executive Assistant to the President & CEO

See the job description for this full-time position.

Regional Philanthropic Advisor

Applications for this full-time position are due Friday, November 19. See the full job description.

Rochester Area Community Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer and values a diverse workforce.