Intro Image - Our Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors

Our board of directors, standing committees, and other volunteer committees are vital to the continued good governance and steady growth of the Community Foundation. Here are board members for the 2019-20 fiscal year, which began April 1, 2019:

  • Photo of Thomas S. Richards

    Thomas S. Richards

    Community Volunteer
  • Photo of Robert D. Baden

    Robert D. Baden

    Rochester Software Associates, Inc.
  • Photo of Mollene B. Benison, CPA

    Mollene B. Benison, CPA

    DeJoy, Knauf & Blood, LLP
  • Photo of Abigail J. Bennett

    Abigail J. Bennett

    WildStar Partners LLC
  • Photo of R. Scott Burdett

    R. Scott Burdett

    Flaum Management Company, Inc.
  • Photo of Todd Butler

    Todd Butler

    Causewave Community Partners
  • Photo of Francis J. Clement

    Francis J. Clement

    Clement Wealth Management
  • Photo of Flor M. Colón

    Flor M. Colón

    Xerox Corporation
  • Photo of Patrick Cunningham

    Patrick Cunningham

    Community Volunteer
  • Photo of Gina A. Cuyler, MD

    Gina A. Cuyler, MD

    Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Photo of Mark A. Eidlin

    Mark A. Eidlin

    Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
  • Photo of David R. Ferris, Esq.

    David R. Ferris, Esq.

    Harter Secrest & Emery LLP
  • Photo of Michelle A. Hutchinson, Esq.

    Michelle A. Hutchinson, Esq.

    Brown Hutchinson LLP
  • Photo of Ann H. McMullen

    Ann H. McMullen

    Community Volunteer
  • Photo of Thomas C. Mitchell

    Thomas C. Mitchell

    Bergmann DPC
  • Photo of James H. Norman

    James H. Norman

    Community Volunteer
  • Photo of Carolyn G. Nussbaum, Esq.

    Carolyn G. Nussbaum, Esq.

    Nixon Peabody LLP
  • Photo of Denishea R. Ortiz

    Denishea R. Ortiz

    Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Photo of Sujatha Ramanujan, PhD

    Sujatha Ramanujan, PhD

    Luminate Accelerator
  • Photo of Richard J. Riedman

    Richard J. Riedman

    Riedman Workflow Design
  • Photo of Arline L. Bayó  Santiago, Esq.

    Arline L. Bayó Santiago, Esq.

    ESL Federal Credit Union
  • Photo of Ann H. Stevens

    Ann H. Stevens

    Community Volunteer
  • Photo of Elizabeth A.  Thorley

    Elizabeth A. Thorley

    Thorley Wealth Management
  • Photo of William M. Valenti, MD

    William M. Valenti, MD

    Trillium Health
  • Photo of David P. Veniskey, CPA

    David P. Veniskey, CPA

    EFPR Group

Former board members are invited to join our Advisory Council, which meets once a year to receive updates on new initiatives undertaken by the Community Foundation and to provide feedback to Foundation leadership.

We are grateful for the ongoing support of these individuals who have played a role in the growth of this organization that benefits communities in an eight-county region.

Current members are:

  • Hanif Abdul-Wahid
  • Susan E. Acker
  • Edward F. Adams
  • Thomas R. Argust
  • Carl J. Atkins
  • Matthew Augustine
  • Ruth C. Baltzer
  • John S. Banks
  • Bruce B. Bates*
  • Howard J. Berman
  • Ted Boucher*
  • Joseph R. Briggs*
  • Michael F. Buckley, Esq.
  • Philip L. Burke, Esq.
  • Essie Calhoun-McDavid
  • Nancy E. Catarisano, CPA
  • Jill M. Cicero, Esq.
  • Kathy Cleary
  • Michael J. Cooney, Esq.
  • Dr. Walter Cooper
  • José J. Coronas
  • Mary Goldman Crowe
  • Barbara de Leeuw
  • Malik Evans
  • Joan L. Feinbloom
  • Mary V. Fisher, Esq.*
  • Jonathan D. Foster
  • Emerson U. Fullwood
  • Suzanne Gouvernet
  • Richard N. Gray
  • Kenneth L. Hines
  • Marvin J. Hoffman, MD
  • Margaret Hubbard
  • Ray H. Hutch
  • Jeanne Hutchins
  • Mimi A. Hwang
  • Dr. Frederick C. Jefferson Jr.
  • Barbara J. Jones
  • Barbara M. Kelley
  • Robert W. Kessler, Esq.
  • H. Moka Lantum, MD, PhD
  • Diane M. Larter
  • TC Lewis
  • Laura A. “Jinny” Loomis
  • John N. McMath Jr.
  • Richard J. Mengel, CPA
  • Michael B. Millard
  • Marion Morse
  • Kathy J. Nixon
  • Nannette Nocon
  • Clayton H. Osborne
  • Barbara Osterman
  • Kevin J. Parker, PhD
  • David C. Pettig
  • Lois Posner*
  • Edward C. Radin, Esq.
  • Gertrude “Skippy” Raines*
  • Alan H. Resnick
  • Thomas P. Riley
  • Nathan J. Robfogel, Esq.
  • John P. Rodriguez
  • Harris H. Rusitzky
  • Margaret A. Sánchez
  • Susan Hyde Scholl
  • Jon L. Schumacher, Esq.
  • Richard A. Schwartz
  • Steven Schwartz, CPA
  • Ruth H. Scott
  • I. C. Shah*
  • Gregory W. Smith
  • Sue S. Stewart, Esq.
  • David A. Still
  • Krishan D. Thanik, MD
  • Justin L. Vigdor, Esq.
  • Judy von Bucher
  • Patricia Ward-Baker
  • Linda S. Weinstein
  • Janet S. Welch
  • Kathleen R. Whelehan
  • Mary Worboys-Turner
  • Kim VanGelder
  • Philip H. E. Yawman
  • Eric I. Zeller
  • Heidi N. Zimmer-Meyer