My Fund

DonorCentralSM is a free service from the Community Foundation that allows you to review or manage your fund activity at any time from your phone or computer at With DonorCentralSM, you can:

  • Make online grant suggestions from your advised funds
  • See opportunities to fund projects and programs of local organizations
  • View and download your most recent quarterly fund statement
  • Track the market value of your fund
  • Access information on gifts to your fund (updated weekly)
  • View grant history

If you need help with DonorCentral, please email Philanthropic Services Associate Kayleigh Meagher or call her at 585.341.4331.

You can use DonorCentral to recommend grants from your fund. If you prefer to print and mail or fax your recommendations, use one of these forms:

Has Your Information Changed?

Do you have a new address? Have your charitable interests changed? Do you no longer want your name to appear in our publications? Email Senior Philanthropic Services Officer Kate Kidera or call her at 585.341.4337.

Grow Your Fund

All our funds are invested carefully to ensure long-term growth. Additional contributions will help your fund grow faster.

Personal Donations

There are several tax-deductible options for making additions to your fund. If you would like to add to your fund now by using a credit card, please find your fund in our online database.


Some donors choose to actively solicit contributions to their fund. The Community Foundation has developed guidelines to ensure that all parties are in compliance with federal, state, and local legal requirements. Please take a few moments and review our Fundraising Guidelines.