Current Giving Options

The easiest way for your clients to make a gift today is through our online form. If they are interested in creating their own fund with an initial investment of $25,000, the chart below offers an at-a-glance comparison of options (also available for download in our Current Giving Options brochure). Our different types of funds offer donors a choice between permanence and flexibility, and each provides a tax-advantaged, low-cost alternative to a private foundation. Most importantly, donors are able to access the grantmaking, fiduciary, and community expertise of our experienced professional staff.

We are eager to answer your questions or set up a meeting to discuss a gift.
Please email Lauren Frank, vice president of philanthropic engagement, or call her at 585.341.4360.

Gifts to Meet the Changing Needs of Your Community

Forever (Unrestricted) A flexible, future-oriented fund established to meet a broad range of local needs today and tomorrow. Grants address pressing issues as they arise, support innovative ideas and programs, and strengthen nonprofit organizations.

Fund Agreement
Supports changing community needs forever in the fund name name chosen by the donor. The Community Foundation handles the grant research, administration, and distribution on the donor’s behalf. $25,000

Gifts for Favorite Causes

Field of Interest A fund that benefits causes in a particular field of interest to the donor. The Community Foundation accepts proposals from nonprofits and recommends grants.

Fund Agreement
Matches grantmaking with donor interests. Allows flexibility to provide grants for new organizations and programs in the future. $25,000
Scholarship A fund that provides scholarships to students. A committee recommends grants.

Fund Agreement
Allows donors to recognize outstanding students or those studying in a particular field. It is also an excellent vehicle for honoring or memorializing someone. $50,000

Gifts for Specific Charities

Donor Advised or Charitable Investor Fund A fund established by a donor to support his or her charitable interests over time. The donor recommends grants.

Donor Advised Fund Agreement
Charitable Investor Fund Agreement
Attractive alternative to private foundation. Offers flexibility, actively involves donors and successors in grantmaking, and can fund a legacy gift. Our Charitable Investor option allows you to choose your investment mix and spend both principal and income. $25,000
Designated A fund established by a donor to benefit one or more designated charities, which may include the Community Foundation. The charities receive annual grants.

Fund Agreement
Endows annual giving, provides professionally managed support for smaller organizations, and will always support the cause even if an organization closes its doors. $25,000
Organization A fund established by a nonprofit to create an endowment. The nonprofit may receive an annual grant or reinvest income.

Fund Agreement
Organizations can create an endowment fund with professional management and low fees. Assistance is provided for planned giving and endowment building. $50,000
Charitable Checking AccountSM A fund that offers convenient current giving. The donor recommends grants. Fund principal is guaranteed.

Fund Agreement and Information Form
Allows donors to make contributions to the fund as needed, then request grants to nonprofit organizations of their choosing. $10,000

All invested funds may gain or lose value. Donors 70½ or older also may direct up to $100,000 from their IRAs to the Foundation each year. Satisfies minimum withdrawal requirements. Applies only to the following funds: Forever, Field of Interest, Designated, and Scholarship.

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PHONE 585.271.4100 | FAX 585.271.4292 |
500 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607


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