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Quick Links

The resources below appear elsewhere in our scholarship section pages but are included here for easy access.

For Students

  • Online Scholarship Application Portal: Use this link to return to your application or to the Scholarship Documentation Collection Portal. See Instructions.
  • Scholarship Terms and Conditions (PDF): In addition to the description and eligibility criteria, each scholarship follows these scholarship terms and conditions. By accepting a Community Foundation scholarship, you are agreeing to abide by these general and specific rules and requirements.
  • Sharing Your Story: The Community Foundation and our scholarship donors love to hear about the positive impact that scholarships have on the lives of our award recipients and to receive updates about our recipients as they progress through school and beyond. Please share your story through the renewal process in the Scholarship Documentation Collection Portal or by emailing
  • Thank-You Note: Scholarships are provided by generous individuals, families, companies, organizations, and associations. As part of the award acceptance process, students can thank those who made the award possible by submitting an electronic thank-you letter through the Scholarship Documentation Collection Portal. Find the link to the portal in your award letter or email for information.

For Teachers, Counselors, and Others

  • Nominator Login to complete a “Request from Applicant” initiated by the student through the online application. See instructions.
  • Referral Form to refer a student to any scholarship accepting online applications or to complete the nomination process for scholarships to which you have been invited. See instructions.
  • Scholarship Booklet that comprehensively outlines the program, available scholarships, and other instructions and resources.

For Scholarship Caretakers/Facilitators


Email or call 585.341.4350 for assistance.