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Algonquin Campership Award (School Groups)

Purpose of Scholarship

The Algonquin Campership Fund is committed to providing financial support through campership awards to individuals, school groups, and organizations, enabling them to access canoe-tripping camps in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada.

Application Period

Rolling Deadline: November 1 to June 1

Number and Size of Awards

Award amounts vary based on the group size and supply rental needs; paid in one lump sum prior to camp trip. Note: This aid cannot be used toward travel expenses. Average award ranges from $7,500 to $13,000 each.

Allowed Use of Award

Awards may cover the cost of attending camp and/or necessary rental supplies.

Eligibility Criteria

For nonprofit organizations (including schools) with programs for youth who may be interested in attending camp in Algonquin Park in Ontario, Canada during the off-season. Only the cost of attending camp and the rental of supplies are eligible for aid. Preference will be given to groups with diverse membership and limited wilderness experience.

Application Process

For groups attending camp off-season:

The application process is coordinated through the Community Foundation.

To begin a new application, click here.

To continue working on this application or another application you have already started, check the status of your application, or accept and release a scholarship you have been awarded, click here.

Note: The group application allows for a request to support an entire group from a school in a district with need or individual students with need. In either case, one or more group projects describing what the members hope to experience from going to a wilderness camp will be required. Additional information may also be required.

If this is the first time applying for a group camp experience, please email Erica Mason at to discuss the application process.

Committee/Selection Process

The selection process is coordinated through the Algonquin Campership Fund Scholarship Committee. A committee of alumni of the wilderness camps in Algonquin Park reviews applications and selects recipients. Note: The group selection process may include a personal or telephone interview with the trip coordinator by a member of the alumni or Algonquin Campership Fund steering committee. Once selection of the recipient(s) has been made, the Community Foundation is notified.

Award Announcement and Payment

The Community Foundation mails a letter along with the award payment to the school or sponsoring organization of the group prior to the trip.

For groups attending camp off-season: Special payment arrangements must be made by contacting at least two to four weeks before departing for the trip.


This scholarship is not renewable; however, groups may reapply each year they are eligible.

Donor Information

This award was established by alumni of wilderness camps in Algonquin Park who want to ensure that all children have access to the life-enhancing experiences summer camp has to offer.

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Email or call 585.341.4350 for assistance.

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