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Henry E. Gillette Scholarship

Purpose of Scholarship

To provide tuition assistance for low-income students who reside in the City of Rochester and are attending The Aquinas Institute of Rochester.

Application Period

Contact school business office beginning in July to learn more about this scholarship opportunity

Number and Size of Awards

Eleven awards of up to $1,000 each; paid in one lump sum in the Fall.

Allowed Use of Award

Awards may be used only for tuition assistance at The Aquinas Institute of Rochester.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligible applicants are:

  • Currently enrolled students at The Aquinas Institute of Rochester who live in the city of Rochester, with preference to those in the northwest quadrant of the city (defined as the area bounded on the North by Lake Ontario, on the East by the Genesee River, on the South by the north side of Main Street West and the north side of Chili Avenue to the city line, and on the West by the city line extended to Lake Ontario); and
  • Students in good academic standing who need financial support to remain at Aquinas.

Application Process

The application process is coordinated by The Aquinas Institute of Rochester, where application instructions are available if applicable.

Committee/Selection Process

The selection process is coordinated through The Aquinas Institute of Rochester. The scholarship advisory committee reviews applications, selects the recipient(s), and informs the Community Foundation.

Award Announcement and Payment

The Community Foundation mails a letter to the recipient explaining the award in the Fall. Payment is mailed to the school for the recipient's account.


This scholarship is not renewable; however, students may be recommended by The Aquinas Institute of Rochester for support in subsequent years.


This award may not displace private school aid and may be used only to reduce a family's tuition obligation. If there are no eligible candidates from the northwest section, The Aquinas Institute of Rochester may then look at other city neighborhoods.

Donor Information

This scholarship was established in Henry E. Gillette's honor by a bequest from his wife's estate. Henry E. Gillette was a graduate of The Aquinas Institute of Rochester who became an active public servant in Rochester. He was an attorney and later a judge, Commissioner of Public Safety, and mayor of Rochester during the early 1960s.

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Email or call 585.341.4350 for assistance.

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