Latino Giving Circle

Who We Are

The Latino Giving Circle’s mission is to support organizations, initiatives, and programs created by and for the Latino community to meet their needs and empower Latinos in the greater Rochester area. By facilitating and building a meaningful network of committed members, the Latino Giving Circle will inspire and assist projects geared towards improving the quality of life of those in nuestra comunidad.

What is a Giving Circle?

A giving circle is a group of like-minded individuals who pool their money each year and decide together how it should be distributed.

We appreciate your financial support as well as willingness to serve on the steering committee to direct grantmaking or assist with recruiting new members.

2023 Grantees

Cancer Support Community Rochester: For Mapping My Journey in Communities of Color, a comprehensive outreach, advocacy, and education program within the African American and Latino communities focusing on addressing health disparities around cancer preventative health. $4,000

ROCovery Fitness, Inc. : For Latinx Getting Busy Living with ROCovery Fitness, an opioid and substance-abuse outreach program to the Latinx community at Fr. Tracy Advocacy Center and the vulnerable surrounding neighborhoods around the La Avenida area. $2,000

Foundation of the Rochester Latino Rotary Club, Inc.: For implementing and maintaining the StoryWalk® at El Camino, an interactive literacy adventure that encourages community storytelling and culture$2,000

Our Leadership

The Latino Giving Circle is led by a Steering Committee and co-chairs:

Co-Chair Daisy Rivera-Algarin, City of Rochester Neighborhood Service Centers’ director and a founder of Latinas Unidas

Co-Chair Annette Ramos, recruiter and voter registration coordinator for Monroe County

Co-Chair Yolanda Rios, an elder law attorney and board member for the Alzheimer’s Association of Rochester & Finger Lakes

Margaret Sanchez, a former Community Foundation board member, is serving as a consultant to the committee.

Our list of members is here.

About Our Logo

The giving circle logo was created by Penfield High School student Leah Ormaechea. Her inspiration was flags of the Latin American countries — and each color she chose is found in the flags of at least three countries. She believes that together, the colors symbolize the diverse backgrounds of Latinos across our community. The rising bird symbolizes Latinos’ perseverance and resilience in the face of hardship, pride in our heritage and identity, and optimism for the community’s future.

For more information about the Latino Giving Circle, email Annette Jiménez Gleason.

Annual Contributions

All members of the Latino Giving Circle (LGC) will have voting rights as donors at the following annual giving levels (which can be paid in installments):

  • $250 (Bronce)
  • $500 (Plata)
  • $1,000+ (Oro)

Half of all gifts to the Latino Giving Circle Fund are endowed for the future, and the other half support immediate community needs through grants. All contributions are tax deductible.

The Latino Giving Circle will have a steering committee to advise on grantmaking. New committees will be formed upon launch of the circle.

Amigas y Amigos the Latino Giving Circle

Do you want to help increase the impact of the Latino Giving Circle? With a donation in any amount, you can become a Friend of the Latino Giving Circle and help support the work of LGC’s membership without being a voting member.

Join or Renew Today

You can join or renew now by completing our online payment form below or by mailing a payment to the Community Foundation at 500 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607. Checks are made payable to Rochester Area Community Foundation, with Latino Giving Circle in the Memo line. If you have any other questions, email

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As a reminder, all donors gain voting rights at these levels – $250 (Bronce), $500 (Plata), and $1,000+ (Oro) – but you can give any amount as a Friend of the Latino Giving Circle. For monthly recurring payments, divide your level by 12 and choose “recurring” directly below.
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Latino Giving Circle

To be eligible for a grant from the Latino Giving Circle, the nonprofit organization must have — or be in the process of developing — programs geared towards reducing disparities affecting the Latino community and/or improving the quality of life of those in “nuestra comunidad.”

Projects and activities outlined in the grant request need to align with the mission and scope of the Giving Circle, which is to support organizations, initiatives, and programs created by and for the Latino community to meet its needs and empower Latinos in the greater Rochester area.

Collaboration with partners and/or the ability to replicate program achievements are also key components of a successful application. For more information about the Giving Circle’s grant criteria and annual grant cycle, click here.