Intro Image - New Giving Circle’s Awards Grants Support Innovations For Those With I/DD

New Giving Circle’s Awards Grants Support Innovations For Those With I/DD

June 11, 2015

In its inaugural grant round, the Developmental Disabilities Giving Circle awarded $23,630 in grants to three local nonprofit organizations that serve adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD).

The Giving Circle was formed in 2014 by family members and friends of people with I/DD, and had 19 members in it is first year.

“Giving Circle members are committed to supporting innovative projects and programs that will help our loved ones lead fulfilling, productive, and meaningful lives,” said Leslie Hulbert, co-chair and co-founder of the Giving Circle.

Citing the significant and increasing need for services, paired with shrinking governmental support and other roadblocks, Giving Circle members seek to fund innovative efforts that lead to maximum independence. Nonprofits operating in the eight-county Rochester region were invited to submit funding proposals in support of technologies, training, programming, or other innovations.

“We are thrilled that our first grants will make such a positive difference, and enable greater independence and success for local adults,” said Dianne Newhouse, Giving Circle co-chair and co-founder.

The following grants were presented at a breakfast and grants reception at the Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School:

  • Heritage Christian Services: To purchase TouchStream software, hardware, support services, and training to assist 10 individuals to become more independent with daily living skills. ($10,000)
  • School of the Holy Childhood: To purchase 10 iPad minis and related software to assist 10 to 20 individuals to assess their abilities, skills, and interests, and pursue paid employment in the community. ($7,380)
  • Lifetime Assistance: To purchase TouchStream hardware, software, and support services to assist individuals who live in group settings with daily schedules and health care management. ($6,250)

Demonstrations of the tablet system designed by TouchStream, based in Henrietta, and the employment program to be used at Holy Childhood were part of the awards presentation.

Get complete details about the Developmental Disabilities Giving Circle on its webpage.

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