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From the Pews to Support Our Community

September 18, 2020

Two churches — one in Perinton and another in the City of Rochester — chose to make contributions to the Community Crisis Fund.

Mountain Rise Church in Perinton

Every Easter, people of Mountain Rise United Church of Christ make an additional offering that is directed to three nonprofit organizations aligned with the church’s commitment to serve populations impacted by economic disparities. The Perinton church’s Service and Advocacy Committee determined that this special collection in 2020 would be directed to the Community Crisis Fund.

Members of the committee “were overwhelmed with the magnitude of needs and had faith in the Community Foundation to do the research necessary to make the best decisions on how to distribute our gift,” says Kathy Nixon, a former Community Foundation board chair and Philanthropy Award recipient who serves on this committee at her church.

Members and friends of the church contributed $5,340. The commitment to serving others “is part of what this church community is about. It’s a wonderful part of their DNA,” says Rev. Dr. Greg Osterberg, senior minister who has served at the church since 2004.

Unity Church of Greater Rochester

The congregation at Unity Church of Greater Rochester has a commitment to tithe every month to support the community.

“We give 10 percent of our income on a monthly basis,” explains Rev. Nat Carter, who just moved to Rochester in January.

Since he’s new in town, he relies on the church’s board of trustees that represent the 150 members to share what they know about community needs and decide where the money will be directed. Since early spring, the Community Crisis Fund was the selected beneficiary for three different months and Unity contributed a total of $2,739 to help.

These special donations are just one more way these congregations continue to make a difference in the world outside their church doors.

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