Greater Rochester After-School & Summer Alliance (GRASSA)

GRASSA is a volunteer committee of funders, policymakers, researchers, and after-school family and provider representatives. Started in 2001, its main goal is to strengthen the quality, quantity, and accessibility of out-of-school-time programs for school-age youth in Monroe County.

This group, convened by Rochester Area Community Foundation and one of its initiatives, serves as:

  • A central point for information on the needs and strengths of out-of-school-time programs;
  • A community-wide, priority-setting body on issues relating to out-of-school-time programs;  and
  • A coordinator of responses to state and national funding opportunities.

IN THE NEWS: A December 2015 report was commissioned by GRASA (the initiative’s previous name) to inventory out-of-school-time programs in Rochester. The report found that only 5,932 or 31 percent of city children and youth in need have access to these academic and enrichment opportunities. Learn more.


Every school-aged child in our community (who chooses) will be participating in high quality, out-of-school-time programming. Our community will support this through:

  • United community philosophy and approach;
  • Increased stakeholder involvement;
  • Sustained program funding and resources;
  • Quality programs based on best practices and research; and 
  • Strengthened professionalism of youth work field.


  • High quality out-of-school-time programs
  • Leverage, coordinate, and advocate for accessibility, availability, and sustainability of high quality, out-of-school-time programs
  • Ensure GRASSA’s effectiveness and efficacy

Quality Recommendations

In order to achieve the goals of the 2011 GRASA strategic plan related to youth program quality, a Quality Working Group was formed in 2012. Eleven members of GRASA representing a variety of funders, researchers, advocates, and providers recommended a set of out-of-school-time program standards for endorsement in the community.

It is believed that this set of quality youth program standards provides a shared foundation and benchmarks for all youth programs and will help out-of-school-time providers communicate their values as well as hold themselves accountable for the programs they provide. Youth and families can use standards as a reference when observing a program for the first time or to help understand what to expect from a program in the long run. Quality standards also help educate the community about what high-quality programming involves and how it can be achieved. Standards are one component of a multi-component quality system that needs to be developed.

Review the GRASA Quality Working Group’s recommendations, which were adopted in December 2012.

Current RFP

The Out-of-School Time (OST) Funders’ Group of the Greater Rochester After-School & Summer Alliance (GRASSA) seeks to obtain services to inventory, analyze, assess, identify and recommend models for equitable, scalable, and sustainable out-of-school-time system structures that meet the needs of children and their families in the Rochester, NY and Monroe County communities. This Request for Proposals invites qualified candidates to submit organizational qualifications and a detailed plan of action and budget scope to meet this need.

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For More Information

Please email Director Chris Dandino or call her at 585.739.9853 with questions about out-of-school-time programs in Monroe County.