Ways to Give Through Your Estate

Our different planned giving options offer you ways to remember worthy causes while offering a range of benefits such as providing for your loved ones, creating current income, or possibly reducing taxes. Any may be used to create or add to a fund at the Community Foundation.The chart below offers a summary of planned giving options (also available for download in our Planned Giving Options brochure).

We are eager to answer your questions or set up a meeting to discuss a gift.
Please email the Philanthropic Engagement Department or call 585.271.4100..

Giving Options that Benefit Specific Charities

Bequest A gift made through a will. Simple to establish and typically requires an attorney to create. Sample language is at Any amount1
Charitable Lead Trust Annuity (CLAT) fixed amount or Unitrust (CLUT) fixed percent A trust that pays annual income to the Foundation and leaves the heirs a “remainder” after death. Provides a partial tax deduction as well as current income to a charity. Remainder passes to named beneficiaries after the donor’s death. Established with trustee of choice.2 $100,000
Insurance A gift of a new or existing insurance policy (subject to the Community Foundation's life insurance acceptance policy). The Foundation becomes the owner and beneficiary. May provide an immediate tax deduction if there is cash value. Allows a larger gift with smaller cost. Any amount1
Individual Retirement Account3 A gift of IRA proceeds after death. May provide a charitable deduction for the estate. Any amount1
Life Estate A gift of a house or farm to the Foundation that allows donors to continue living there for the rest of their lives. May provide an immediate partial tax deduction and removes a high-value asset from the estate. $200,0004

Giving Options that Create Current Income and Benefit Charities, Interests, or Community

Charitable Gift Annuity An annuity contract that pays one or two people (who must be 55 or older) a fixed annual income for the rest of their lives. After death, the remainder value is a charitable gift to the Foundation. Provides current income and a possible partial tax deduction. Payments are made quarterly and are a fixed percentage based on the donor’s age when established. Income is partially tax free. $10,0001
Pooled Income Fund A pool of funds that donors may invest in. Each donor receives a variable annual income based on their relative share of the pool. After death, the remainder value creates a charitable gift to the Foundation. Provides current income and a possible partial tax deduction. Payments are made quarterly and are a varying percentage based on the market performance of the pool’s investments. Income is taxable. $10,0001
(may be added to later in increments of $1,000 or more)
Charitable Remainder Trust Annuity (CRAT) fixed amount or Unitrust (CRUT) fixed percent A trust that pays annual income to the donor and leaves a charitable “remainder” to the Foundation after death. May provide a partial tax deduction. Removes an asset from the estate, and provides current income. Established with trustee of choice.2 Income is tax-advantaged. $100,0001

All invested funds may gain or lose value.

  1. A minimum of $25,000 is required to create a separate, named fund.
  2. The Community Foundation cannot act as trustee, but can be the recipient of a trust.
  3. Donors 70½ or older may also direct up to $100,000 from their IRAs to the Foundation each year. Satisfies minimum withdrawal requirements.
  4. Real estate must have a minimum value of $50,000, and the gift must be reviewed and approved by our board of directors.

When leaving a bequest to the Community Foundation, we suggest that you keep the language in your will as general as possible and indicate that additional details as to the charitable purpose in a letter of understanding on file with Rochester Area Community Foundation. That way, you can update the letter of understanding at any time and not have to incur the expense of rewriting your will.

Here are three samples of bequest language. Choose the one that best fits your charitable intentions:

Bequest for General Endowment

“I give and bequeath (describe gift — amount, asset or percentage) to Rochester Area Community Foundation, Rochester, New York, to the General Endowment Fund. I direct that the income from this fund be used for community benefit at the discretion of the board of Rochester Area Community Foundation."

Bequest to Create a New Fund ($25,000 minimum)

“I give and bequeath (describe gift — dollar amount, percentage, or item) to Rochester Area Community Foundation, Rochester, New York, to establish a permanent endowment fund known as the ______________ Fund. I direct that the income from this fund be used for (specify charitable purpose or indicate 'for community benefit at the discretion of Rochester Area Community Foundation')."

Bequest to an Existing Fund

“I give and bequeath (describe gift — dollar amount, percentage, or item) to Rochester Area Community Foundation, Rochester, New York, to add to a permanent endowment fund known as the ______________ Fund. I direct that the income from this fund be used for charitable purposes as defined in the fund agreement."

Our Legacy Society recognizes individuals who have named Rochester Area Community Foundation in their wills or planned gifts. By remembering the community in your estate plan, you can make a real difference to our region’s future.

Membership in our Legacy Society is open to any individual or family who informs the Community Foundation in writing of their estate gift (see our Declaration of Intent form) to benefit this region through the Community Foundation. (* indicates recently deceased)

Russell K. Achzet
Carol T. Aldridge
Jane A. Alexander
Anonymous (69)
Michael H. Anthony
Gerald J. Archibald
Tom and Carolyn Argust
Ann N. Baker
Raymond and Violet Barrese
Bruce B. Bates
Nancy Beilfuss
John and Carol Bennett
Waldense L. Bennett Sr.
Sara Berger and Ginny Tucker
Roberta F. Beyer
Jane Ellen Bleeg
Edward and Phyllis Bloom
Angela Bonazinga and Catherine Lewis
Allen and Joyce Boucher
Ted and Peggy Boucher
Marjorie Brenneman*
Nancy and Joe Briggs
David L. Brooke
Jim Brush
Mike Buckley
Duncan H. Bull
Carol Jo “C.J.” Bullen
Sally Burdick
Paul H. Bush
Catherine B. Carlson*
Marlene Caroselli
Rosalie J. Cavallaro
Barbara and Alexander Christoff
G. Thomas and Barbara Clark
June M. Clase
Carla F. Coombs Garwood and 
John A. Garwood
Carole Cooper-Haims
José and Karen Coronas
Linda W. Davey
Michael and Amy Davis
Stewart Davis
Ellen and Beatrice de Buono
Tony Dechario*
Elizabeth Dewey
Peter and Ann Dillon
Linda Donahue and Sue Dambrowski
Mike Donoghue
Michael and Carol Doran
Erik R. Duncan
Patricia A. Dwyer
David and Sandra Ebberts
Trevor and Elizabeth Ewell
Preston K. Faulkner
Joan Feinbloom
Gerard E. Fisher
Mary V. Fisher, Esq.
Ruth H. Fitzgerald
Suressa* and Richard Forbes
Donald A. Forsyth
Scott A. Forsyth
Jonathan D. Foster
Thomas H. Foster
Margaret Mary Z. Foxx
Lauren D. Frank and Annette H. Miller
Ruth Freeman
David and Linda Friedman
Emerson U. and Vernita Fullwood
Joanne Gianniny
Grant and Bette Gillette
R. Thompson Gilman and Kelly A. Nagle
John P. Gleason and 
Mary Ellen Miller-Gleason
Peter G. Gleason
Constance M. Glover
Richard Goldstein and 
Lynda Garner Goldstein
Stephanie E. Gradinger
Karl Greenhagle
Frank S. Grosso
James P. Growney
Anthony L. Gugino
Donald S. Hall
Joan M. Halstead
E. Pauline Handy
Patricia Hans
Norman and Dianne Hansen
Amara Harris
Dr. Anne Harrison
Jim and Shari Harrison
Jim and Rose Hawley
Peter Henderson
Roger and Rosemary Herendeen
David D. Hoesley
Mary and Jim Holleran
Edgar and Mary Louise Hollwedel
William and Cynthia* Hosley
Jeffrey Hough and Marlea Allan
Margot M. Hughes
Laura Humphrey
Nancy M. Huppert
Clifford Hurley
Ray and Erika Hutch
Richard J. Huxley and Debra Domres
Mimi Hwang
Perry and Linda Jacobstein
Dr. Wallace Johnson and 
Dr. Karen Duguid
Joseph G. Kelly
Mary Kerr
Dawn Klein
David and Beverly Kluge
Leslie J. Knox Jr. and Nelle Knox
Sheila Konar
Marlowe B. Hagood Laiacona
Dianne LaLonde
Edward R. Lane
Harry H. Lang Jr.
Jeffrey B. Larson and 
Richard C. Conheady Jr
Alan and Deborah Lattime
Kristine Lawrence
Audie F. Lawson
Jeffrie and Robert Leahy
John and Joyce Lechner
David Lederer*
Dan Leonard
Jennifer Leonard and 
David Cay Johnston
Robert G. Lewis
Sarah F. Liebschutz
Alan M. Litman
Jane Littwitz
Cricket and Frank Luellen
Sherryn K. Malm
Joseph J. Mancini
Thomas S. Marsh
Masling Family
Hank Mastalski
Sandy and Suzanne Mayer
Jetson and Gloria McCleary
Richard J. McCollough
John N. McMath Jr.
Marvin A. and Peggy McMickle
James and Ann McMullen
Thomas E. C. Mees
Caroline and Albert Merenda
Carmel S. Merrill
Sally Merrill
Richard Woodworth Millard
Carol C. Miller
Glen E. Miller
Deanne Molinari
Karen R. Monast
Laura v. Morrissey
James S. Moser
John Muenter
Raymond E. Naber Jr. and 
Patricia Naber
Philip Neivert
Raymond* and Eleanor Newell
Kathy and Ted Nixon
Nannette Nocon and Karl Wessendorf
Helen O'Leary
Suzanne A. Olson
Elizabeth Owen Smith
Laurel J. Pace
Amante Parungao
Katie and Scott Peterson
Dom and June Piazza
Cheryl B. Pipkin
Lois Posner
John C. Pyles
Samuel and June Reeder
Ron Richardson
Tom Riley and Barbara Kelley
Nancy S. Robbins
Nathan and Susan Robfogel
Suzanne R. Robinson
Anna L.B. Rodriguez
Sharon Rosenblum*
Harris H. Rusitzky
H. Bruce Russell
Harold and Judy Samloff
Robert and Jeanne Sandholzer
Richard W. Sarkis
Robert and Barbara Schaefer
Conrad A. Scheg
Natalie L. Schwartz
Richard A. Schwartz
The Hon. and Mrs. Anthony J. Sciolino
Mary Seebach
I. C. Shah
Bertha E. Simpkins
Stephen L. Smith
David and Nina Somers
Jim and Marie Sorrentino
Robert and Jacqueline Sperandio
Burton Spiller*
Joshua and Kayleigh Stampfler
Ann and David Still
Dolores S. Stover
Arthur Streb
Kathy L. Strong
John M. “Dutch” Summers
Alec and Mindy Sutherland
R. Ian and Eve H. Tatlock
Michael T. Tomaino, Sr.
Mary W. Torrey*
Albert and Mary Ellen Tortoretti
Robert and Susan Touhsaent
Beverley Tulloch*
Nancy L. Turner
Chuck Tuttle
Ruth Unzicker and Christopher Husson
Connie Valk
Elizabeth Van Horn*
Robert and Ann Van Niel
Arthur N. Vitoch
Allan J. and Andrea L. Vittum
Erik and Judy von Bucher
Bonita Wallace
Rand L. Warner
Robert D. Wayland-Smith
Elizabeth and Pierce Webb
Joseph Weber and Frank Barone
Philip Wehrheim
Elinor H. Weinberg
Sidney and Linda S. Weinstein
Ann D. Weintraub
Delores Welkley
Norman and Nancy Wetterau
Timothy B. and Elizabeth C. Wilder
Pamela S. Wilkens White
John Williams and Chuck Lundeen
W. Steven Wilterdink
William E. and Sandra K. Wynne
Eric I. Zeller
Alan Ziegler and Emily Neece
Jay and Hanna Zukoski

Legacy Gifts

This list recognizes generous individuals who recently passed away and included the Community Foundation in their estate plans. We are deeply grateful for the gifts received from the following estates between April 1, 2018 and March 31, 2019.

Janet Barnard
Beverly T. Bowen
Marjorie Brenneman
Ann Strong Garrett
George H. Greer
William H. Hartman
Virginia Howard
Marjorie Olney
Claire Leonard
Mary Soons McCarty
William B. McCoy Jr.
Thaddeus S. Newell
Elizabeth J. Schmidt
Elizabeth Sheldon
Robert F. Sykes
Beverley Tulloch
Theodore VanZandt
Ann M. Ward

PHONE 585.271.4100 | FAX 585.271.4292 |
500 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607

PHONE 585.271.4100 | FAX 585.271.4292 |
500 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607


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