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School Administrators and Scholarship Committees

High schools, colleges, and community organizations are essential partners in connecting students to Community Foundation scholarships. 

Stay Connected

To stay updated on all of the latest information, we encourage you to sign up for scholarship news. Additionally, we advise you to create and submit to your school’s scholarships office a generic alias email address such as “scholarships@[your-school].org” to ensure that anyone who should receive updates from the Community Foundation will continue to do so. An email alias helps ensure that your school or organization continues to receive timely communication during times of staff turnover.

Scholarship Searching and Sharing

Below are tools to assist you with communicating and sharing scholarship opportunities with students and their families. These documents may be printed and distributed in hard copy or electronically. Additionally, you can place the link to Community Foundation scholarships ( on your website.

Referring and Nominating Students

Click here to refer students to scholarships accepting online applications. The referral is processed through the online scholarship management program and does not require you to log in to the system to complete the process. Be advised that referrals can only be made during the open application period, and some are by invitation only. Be sure that you have carefully reviewed the eligibility and application processes before referring potenatial applicants.

If you or your school or organization are responsible for facilitating a scholarship selection process, please review the Selection Committees section for important information about the selection process.


Email or call 585.341.4350 for assistance.

The selection of applicants is the most rewarding and important aspect of the scholarship process, but it can also be the most intense as it requires a great deal of time, scrutiny, and attention to detail. 

The scholarship caretakers, responsible for facilitating and managing the selection process for the Community Foundation’s externally managed scholarship funds, are vital to the success of the scholarship program.

Scholarship Caretaker Roles and Responsibilities

In accordance with Internal Revenue Service regulations, the scholarship caretaker must assure the Community Foundation of a fair distribution of funds based on a process that allows for fair competition. All scholarship programs are established for a broad charitable class and the selection process must be objective and non-discriminatory. In addition, no donor, member of the selection committee, or anyone related to the scholarship fund’s advisors, can receive any material benefit from any award distributed from the fund. Once scholarship decisions are made, the scholarship caretaker is responsible for notifying the Community Foundation.

Selection Committees and Processes

The selection committees for all scholarship funds at the Community Foundation are appointed and approved by the Foundation. In some cases, members may also be recommended by the donor. The committee that reviews applications and selects recipients must reflect the committee that is detailed in the Scholarship Description.

Scholarship fund donors and parties related to the donor may serve on the selection committee, but they may not directly or indirectly control the committee or have a majority vote. Additionally, donors and related parties may not receive an award.

  • Donors are defined as any individual, family, organization, group, or company that establishes or contributes to a scholarship fund.  
  • Related parties are the immediate and extended family of the donor and their employees, advisors, attorneys, official delegates, etc.
  • Employer-Related Scholarships are permissible as long as specific requirements are met, including meeting the percentage test (e.g., no more than 25 percent of eligible applicants considered by the selection committee are chosen).

Submitting Recipient Information

The online Recipient Notification Form can be accessed here. For a preview and to learn more about the process, please refer to the Scholarship Selection Instruction Packet. If you have any questions or concerns, please email them to

IMPORTANT: There is no specific deadline to complete the notification form; however,

  1. Notification should be provided in a timely manner and in accordance with the scholarship description.
  2. Notification forms must be received prior to announcing recipients or sharing award information,
  3. If an award packet it requested to be distributed at an award ceremony or graduation,the notification and request must be received a minimum of three weeks before the date needed unless special arrangements have been made.

Scholarship Application Storage

Awarded student applications must be kept on file for seven years after the grant period or a total of eight years, and then shredded. Declined student applications must be kept on file for three years after the grant period or a total of four years, and then shredded. 

These applications must be kept confidential and secure.If you are currently responsible for saving the applications and cannot maintain them according to these guidelines, please send the applications to the Community Foundation Scholarship Office at 500 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607.


Email or call 585.341.4350 for assistance.