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Project Support for Nonprofits

We are fortunate to work with generous donors throughout our eight-county region who have broad or very specific areas of interest that they like to support.

You have been directed to this page because you asked the Community Foundation to share your project or program with our donors because your organization needs to:

  • Bridge a funding gap in operating expenses to launch or continue a successful program/project that has data-driven results;
  • Expand participation;
  • Purchase additional supplies;
  • Add new opportunities for current participants;
  • Improve technology;
  • Raise $5,000 or less.**

We are happy to ask donors to consider your funding request from January through September. Please note that we do not accept requests for endowment or any type of fundraising campaigns, event sponsorships, debt reduction, religious activities, or to support an individual.

To apply: Please download a copy of this form, fill it out and return to us via email to

**If your request is for more than $5,000, please click here to see what opportunities are available through our competitive grantmaking program, overseen by our Community Programs department. For more information, email