Overview and Grant Schedule

Funding Opportunities

Competitive Grants
The Community Foundation oversees three categories of competitive grants. All applications are reviewed by staff and volunteer committees before being put before our board for final approval.

  1. Equity and Vitality Grants, reviewed by our Program / Distributions Committee.
  2. Giving Circle Grants, reviewed by Giving Circle members.
  3. Advisory Committee Grants, reviewed by fund committees.

Once you have visited our Search for Grants section, explored these categories, and identified all relevant grants, you may apply for multiple grants for which your organization qualifies. For instance, if you seek funding for an aging services program, you may be eligible for both an Equity and Vitality grant under Vitality: Promoting Successful Aging and a grant from the John F. Wegman Fund, which also makes grants for aging. For opportunities that allow multiple grant applications in one year — such as the John F. Wegman Fund, with quarterly application deadlines — we recommend applicants only apply for that funding opportunity once every 12 months. 

New opportunities will be listed as they become available. To stay informed about upcoming grant applications and deadlines, please sign up for our quarterly newsletter, Grant Opportunities.

Typical Grant Size

Funding can vary from $500 to $50,000, depending on the specific opportunity. Each grant description in our Search for Grants section contains detailed information under the heading “Typical Grant Size.”

Online Application Process

We are excited to introduce our new online grant system, which offers some valuable benefits:

  • An updated and efficient Applicant Dashboard that allows applicants to keep everything in one central location;
  • A list of available funding opportunities in one place;
  • The ability to preview and print application questions; and
  • Edit account information/change your password.

Questions about creating a new account? Click here for a brief tutorial video.

Below is our most up-to-date competitive grants schedule. The schedule is subject to change; for the most accurate and timely information, please sign up for our quarterly newsletter, Grant Opportunities, which will be distributed in 2022 on March 28, June 27, September 26, and December 12.

Current Opportunities