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Rochester’s Child Quality Matters annual competitive grant for early childhood innovation.  Grant will focus on improving and maintaining high quality standards of care and early learning for children birth to age eight, with special emphasis on high-needs children and their families.

Funding priorities for innovative projects that enhance the knowledge and skills of caregivers and teachers, improve the quality of their teaching and interactions with children, and produce measurable positive outcomes for children.  Examples of strategies that will be considered are projects that will:

  • Improve the interaction of families, care providers, and teachers to create learning-rich environments that stimulate children’s curiosity, exploration and independence;
  • Create specialized early childhood and child development training for teachers, child providers as well as other professionals and education leaders that fill a needed gap;
  • Design and test new approaches, practices, interventions that support children’s social/emotional, physical, or language skills; or
  • Create and evaluate new professional development opportunities that utilize nontraditional approaches (i.e. modules, online learning, and collaborative learning).

Typical Grant Size

One $10,000 grant

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be 501(c)(3) organizations — or be sponsored by charitable, nonprofit organizations — and serve city of Rochester children.

Application Due Date(s)

The most recent deadline to submit a Letter of Intent was May 14, 2021.

Future opportunities will be announced in our quarterly e-newsletter, Grant Opportunities. (Click to subscribe.)


To begin a new Letter of Intent click here.

Note: Our application now includes a request for the demographics of applicants; boards and staff. Instructions are found in the Attachments section of the online application. This information will not be used to determine grant awards. Rather, it will be used to provide a snapshot of the diversity within community organizations that have applied for and/or received Community Foundation funding.

Notification Date(s)

Proposals from selected applicants were due by June 18, 2021.

The Grant will be awarded by July 9, 2021.


Nancy Kaplan
Coordinator, Rochester’s Child
500 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14607-1912

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