NYSCA New York State Council on the Arts FY2023 Grant

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The Rochester Area Community Foundation is sharing the following information about a grant opportunity by New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA).


If you’ve never applied to NYSCA before – this is your year!

This year, Governor Hochul and the New York State Legislature allocated a historic $140 million for arts and culture across the state – ensuring the continuation and expansion of vital support for New York State’s unparalleled arts and culture sector.

There are currently 5 opportunities: Support for Organizations, Support for Artists, Special Opportunities, Regrowth and Capacity Enhancement, and Partnerships (please note that this is invitation-only).

Are you a first-time applicant? Here are some frequently asked questions to help you jump-start your application process:

1. I am an individual artist, am I eligible to apply?
YES! Individual artists based in New York State are eligible to apply for NYSCA funding through a fiscal sponsor. Click here to learn more!
2. I am an unincorporated organization, am I eligible to apply?
YES! Unincorporated organizations are eligible to apply through fiscal sponsorship. Click here to learn more!
3. I am an eligible organization. Can I apply for multiple opportunities?
YES! You can apply for Support for Organizations, Regrowth and Capacity Enhancement, Support for Artists (as a fiscal sponsor), and Special Opportunities.
4. I’m not able to apply directly to NYSCA this year. Are there other ways to receive NYSCA funding?
YES! NYSCA partners with 26 local arts organizations and councils, known as the Statewide Community Regrant Partners who provide grants to artists and organizations in their communities. Click here to find your local SCR site.

Eligibility Criteria

All organizations applying for NYS funding must be Prequalified in the Grants Gateway (note: this is a separate portal from NYSCA). You MUST be prequalified at the application deadline to be eligible. Don’t wait – start this process TODAY.

There are many resources available to assist you in successfully submitting your application, including:

  • The opportunity guidelines and application manual: https://arts.ny.gov/FY2023FundingOpportunities
  • All opportunity webinar recordings and materials: https://arts.ny.gov/FY2023Webinars
  • FAQ for applicants can be found here: https://arts.ny.gov/FAQforApplicants



The most recent application deadline for the New York State Council on the Arts’ (NYSCA) FY2023 opportunities was July 12, 2022.


You can reach NYSCA staff directly with any questions, any time. Staff contact information can be found here: https://arts.ny.gov/contact.

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