George Angle Early Experiences Last a Lifetime

Categories: Achievement / Opportunity Gap, Children, Early Childhood, Education

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must be 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations serving children in the City of Rochester.

George Angle, a founder of Rochester’s Child and an active member until his passing in 2016, was a champion for vulnerable children. He firmly believed that prenatal to age 3 is the most critical and sensitive time for brain development that shapes how a child thinks, learns, feels, and interacts with the world. During those early years, the developing brain is most open to the influences of nurturing relationships and positive experiences, with disadvantages undermining developmental gains and negatively impacting lifelong outcomes.

In his honor, Rochester’s Child established the George Angle $10,000 annual competitive grant that targets George’s interest in creative approaches that support every child’s healthy development up to age 3. Emphasis will be on high-needs children and their families.

Rochester’s Child will seek proposals from nonprofit organizations that focus on positive early experiences for young children by supporting and providing:

  • Physical, mental, and emotional development;
  • Protection from the effects of trauma and excessive toxic stress;
  • Stable and responsive relationships with families and other nurturing adults; and
  • Measurable positive outcomes for children.

Examples of creative approaches that will be considered are projects that will:

  • Allow families and caregivers to see themselves as brain builders, starting the first day of a child’s life;
  • Strengthen the skills of families and caregivers to support the healthy development of infants and toddlers;
  • Support families and caregivers in building secure attachments (this must include culturally sensitive practices that reflect the needs of diverse families);
  • Identify gaps in knowledge and practice of infant mental health for the early childhood workforce and/or build awareness and competencies to better support healthy social, emotional, and behavioral development and parent-child relationships; and/or
  • Increase awareness of trauma-informed approaches. These efforts could include advancing policy and practice to respond to effects of trauma and toxic stress for children prenatal to age 5 or developing positive solutions to mitigate stress responses to build resilience and adaptability.

Application Due Date(s)

The previous deadline to submit a Letter of Intent was Friday, July 7, 2023.

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