Equity Grants: Partnering Against Poverty [Green City Grant]

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In December 2013, the Community Foundation released a special report: “Poverty and the Concentration of Poverty in the Nine-County Greater Rochester Area.” The report focuses on the nine-county greater Rochester region and examines the level and concentration of poverty within the City of Rochester.

Communities in these census tracts (characterized by high concentrations of poverty) are more likely to exhibit characteristics of environmental neglect, including the social, psychological, and physical effects of living among dilapidated properties. Public green spaces can offer a variety of neighborhood enhancements; such as urban agriculture and recreation; that increase the prospects for sustainable future development, establish opportunities for stewardship in the community, and otherwise contribute vitality to the community.

The Foundation is seeking proposals to improve the physical environment in the city of Rochester. The goal is to fund initiatives that engage residents in physically revitalizing neighborhoods that are distressed or on the cusp of becoming distressed. Proposals may be for a piece of a longer-term plan or may entirely fund a small but significant enhancement.

Competitive requests will incorporate the following:

  • Multiple partners
  • Highly visible location
  • Community engagement
  • Documented plan for funding and completing any routine maintenance required, if applicable
  • Considerable potential for sustained impact

Projects must address one or more of the following outcomes and include an evaluation plan to measure success in achieving them:

  • More appealing neighborhood
  • Target resources to benefit communities at risk
  • Sustainable improvements in the environmental condition of public space
  • Increased use of public green space
  • Operation or staff support

Typical Grant Size

$25,000 – $30,000–two grants will be awarded.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicant must be a 501(c)(3) organization. Proposed project should be in partnership with the City of Rochester, if applicable.

Application Due Date(s)

This grant opportunity is not currently available. Future opportunities will be announced in our quarterly e-newsletter, Grant Opportunities. (Click to subscribe.)

Notification Date(s)

Decisions were announced September, 2019.


Annette Jiménez Gleason, Program Officer
Community Programs Department
Rochester Area Community Foundation
500 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14607-1912

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