2021 Philanthropy Celebration Registration Form

Start the reservation process by choosing the number of tickets you want from the drop-down menu in the first section below.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Section 3 below is for gathering a meal order from everyone on this reservation, including the ticket purchaser. Please fill out this section completely.

Two technical notes:

  1. Please do not use Internet Explorer to complete this form. If you’re currently in Explorer, just type or paste the following URL into an alternate browser like Chrome or Firefox: www.racf.org/AllStarsForm
  2. We require an email address and phone number from the ticket purchaser. It will be helpful — though not required — if you also provide contact information for other guests in your party, in case we need to communicate any last-minute information about safety protocols. If you choose not to share this information, we assume you will be responsible for communicating on our behalf.