Appreciated Referrals

We sincerely thank the following professional advisors whose client referrals resulted in the creation of new funds at the Community Foundation from August 1, 2016 to January 22, 2018. The number in parentheses indicates the number of referrals.

  • Mr. Michael B. Argaman, LUTCF (3)
  • Mr. Mark Armbruster
  • Mr. Zachary Armstrong
  • Mr. Bruce B. Bates
  • Mr. H. Robert Bradley, CFP
  • Harry B. Bronson, Esq. (2)
  • Mr. Matthew Brunwin
  • Ms. Christen Culligan Bruu, Esq.
  • Philip L. Burke, Esq.
  • Ralph J. Code III, Esq.
  • Mr. Spencer J. Cook
  • Thomas J. Cusker, Esq.
  • David R. Ferris, Esq.
  • Ms. Janet L. Graves
  • Mr. Richard N. Gray
  • Jane Gudgel
  • Barbara R. H. James, Esq.
  • Mr. Marcus W. Kroll, Esq.
  • Robert G. Lamb, Jr., Esq.
  • Mr. Adam Mark, CFP
  • Mr. Richard W. McGrath, CPA
  • Mr. Clayton L. Millard
  • Michael Mirabella, CPA
  • Ms. Nannette Nocon
  • Mr. Randell J. Ogden
  • Mary Ognibene
  • Mr. Melvin L. Olver
  • Mr. Daniel Pennise, CFP
  • Mr. Michael M. Phillips, CPA
  • Ms. Heather Proctor
  • Mr. Rene Reixach Jr.
  • Paul T. Rubery, Esq. (4)
  • Mr. Kevin Ruster
  • Mr. F. John Schifferli, CPA
  • Mr. William J. Schirmer
  • Frank A. Schwartzman, Esq.
  • Ms. Toni Spina
  • Mr. Thomas M. Tette
  • David P. Veniskey, CPA
  • Mr. Thomas P. Walpole, CPA
  • Mr. Kevin Woodworth
  • Mr. Paul Zann

Would you like to see your name on our list?

If so, please email Lauren Frank, vice president of philanthropic engagement, or call her at 585.341.4360.

PHONE 585.271.4100 | FAX 585.271.4292 |
500 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607

PHONE 585.271.4100 | FAX 585.271.4292 |
500 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14607


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